Project Back Ground 

The implementation of Phase-I of JnNURM has led to creation of a large number of assets and induced many urban reforms across the country. Evaluation exercises undertaken by various appointed committees and agencies have unanimously pointed to the large capacity gap plaguing urban local bodies as the primary impediment to speedy implementation of projects and reforms under the Mission. The report on the Mid-term Appraisal of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2010) stated that more emphasis should be given on proactive assistance to cities and states to build their capacities. States mid-term appraisals and experience of JnNURM have also brought to fore the need to strengthen the ULBs in terms of their urban governance both at State level and at urban local body level. The weak financial base of most ULBs renders them incapable in deriving and leveraging funds from the market. The reforms agenda was pushed by JnNURM with the very intention of strengthening resources and improving capacities of city governments to undertake developmental activities and improved levels of basic services. Some reports points out, there is minimum involvement of the ULBs in preparation of CDPs and DPRs due to lack of in-house capacity.


In these circumstance, the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India sanctioned an amount of 49.26 crore in response to a proposal cum action plan submitted by Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala for the Comprehensive Capacity Building Programme (CCBP) under JnNURM. This project aims at developing institutional mechanisms at district levels to equip and empower ULBs by building their capacity in terms of human resources, strategic planning, technology improvements, resource mobilisation capacities, service delivery and enable them to effectively discharge their functions in line with 74th Constitutional Amendment Act (CAA).



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