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Institutional Arrangements for Implementation



The JnNURM functions under the overall guidance and supervision of a National Steering Group (NSG) at the national level, which sets policies for implementation, monitoring and review of progress and to suggest correctives where necessary. It is chaired by the Minister of Urban Development and co-chaired by the Minister of State for Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation respectively. A Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee chaired by Secretary, Urban Development is responsible for the approval of projects after appraisal by line agencies like CPHEEO, CPWD etc. and the review on progress at Government of India level. The approval of Projects and release of Central Assistance is linked to implementation of 7 State level mandatory Reforms and 10 optional Reforms and 6 ULB level reform to be implemented by State Government and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) level as per the Agreement signed between Government of India, Government of Kerala and Urban Local Bodies.

At the State level, the JnNURM is coordinated by the State Level Steering Committee (SLSC), headed by the Chief Minister. The SLSC reviews and prioritises proposals for inclusion in the JnNURM. The State Level Committees is supported by nodal agencies who invite project proposals, appraise them, and manage and monitor the fund flow for JnNURM.

In the State, the KSUDP was designated as the State Level Nodal Agency of JnNURM. Under the SLNA a Project Management Unit comprising six professionals, under Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad has also been established. Further, Project Implementation Units comprising six professionals under the Municipal Corporations have also been established for both Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi to provide implementation support. For water supply and sewerage projects, the Kerala Water Authority has also established dedicated Project implementation Units in both the cities on the basis of the tripartite agreement entered with the Municipal Corporations and State Government for implementation of Water Supply and Sewerage Projects. A State Level Technical Advisory Group (S-TAG) and City Level Technical Advisory Groups (C-TAGs) provide technical support and assistance under JnNURM.



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