Selection of cities

The essential features of a Smart City are

  1. Assured water & electricity supply
  2. Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
  3. Efficient urban mobility & public transport
  4. Affordable Housing
  5. Health and education
  6. Safety & security of citizens
  7.  Economic Activities and  livelihood opportunities
  8. Robust IT connectivity
  9. e-governance & citizen participation


The total number of 100 Smart Cities have been distributed among the States and UTs on the basis of an equitable criteria. The formula gives equal weightage (50:50) to urban population of the State/UT and the number of statutory towns in the State/UT. Based on this formula, each State/UT will, therefore, have a certain number of potential Smart Cities, with each State/ UT having at least one.


Each aspiring city competes for selection as a Smart City in what is called a ‘City Challenge’. There are two stages in the selection process

Stage 1 of the competition: Shortlisting of cities by States
This was an Intra state Challenge – Competition among the cities in a State

Stage 2 of the competition:The Challenge round for selection
This is an Inter State Challenge- Competition with other Indian cities( Initial -100 cities).The chosen 100 cities to prepareSmart City Proposal ( SCP)   within 100 days to participate in the Inter-state Challenge .

Consultants were empanelled by the MoUD to support cities in preparing SCP.

The strategies for Smart City Mission include
      Area Development Project(ABD) for an identified region.
      Three models are proposed for ABD based on area and strategy.

      Retrofitting (Enhancement of existing facilities)
      Redevelopment (Demolish and reconstruct)
      Greenfield (Vacant and free land development)

Pan city solutions
Application of Smart Solutions will involve the use of technology, information and data to make infrastructure and services better
Aims at enhanced technological Solution to an existing service for the whole city.


Smart City

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