“Nagarajyothy”– LED Street LightingProject

Government of Kerala has taken several initiatives for the development of Urban Local Bodies in Kerala to deliver the best solutions for the welfare of citizens.  One such initiative in this directions to support Urban Local Bodies to replace the existing street lights into energy efficient LED lighting system. The scheme is being named as “Nagarajyothy” which is a joint venture of Kerala State Electricity Board and Local Self Government Department (Urban Affairs). In principle sanction has been accorded to the scheme by the Government wide GO (Rt) No. 685/2014/LSG dated 6.03.2014.

The scheme is envisaged in such a way that the capital investment required for the implementation of the scheme has to be reimbursed by the concerned ULB to the implementing agency on PPP annuity mode within a maximum span of 7 years.


M/S Dharashaw& Company PVT LTD has been appointed as the agency for preparing DPRs for Nagarajyothy projects in three ULBs of the State. These reports will be adapted to other ULBs also by incorporating their needs.   For that data on the existing scenario of street lighting in the ULB has to be prepared.  The professionals working in City RPMCs under Comprehensive Capacity Building Project (CCBP) will assist the concerned ULBs in the data collection process and its compilation.

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